5 Year Anniversary member event

5 year anniversary is a beautiful thing to say.

Humble Beginnings as Gentleman's Cooperative began as a pop-up chicago custom suit in the corner of a Luxury Chicago men's salon.  Equipped with a few trade show banners, a broken singer sewing machine and some fabric books, we were ready to dominate the Chicago fashion industry- lol.   The power of delusion combined with work ethic can be a mighty force.   The pain and joy of building this business have both been immense, gratifying and opportunity ridden.

After 5 years, on August 30th, 2018, we celebrated everything and everyone That's contributed to our success.   Now, Gentleman's Cooperative occupies the 5,100 sq/ft downtown penthouse space of our former salon landlord, and we've developed our business into Garments, Grooming & Events.  We are dedicated to maximizing our client's personal impact.   Whether a new client or returning member, we invite you to our penthouse for an upscale event, a new custom suit, or the best barbers and stylists in Chicago.



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