Honoring our Vets


Honoring our Vets...It all began with cake.

When Aurelie, master Stylist at Gentleman's Cooperative, found 2 uncut and beautifully decorated cakes in the deep freeze from an event the night before at Gents Co-op, she demanded the cakes' donation to a local shelter.  With a quick google search Aurelie found The Inner Voice INC. Chicago, and within 20 minutes Aurelie and Gent's Co-op Co-owner, Mike Berntsen, were walking with cake's in hand to Inner Voice's Downtown Chicago office.

After a lot of hugs and mutual gratitude, we discovered there was a lot of alignment in our organizations.  Inner Voice has been serving single adults, families and veterans experiencing homelessness; helping them to identify the underlying causes of their current condition and helping them to access the resources necessary to change their destinies.  Once understanding Inner Voice's mission, Gents Co-op knew it had the ability to align suit alterations, outfit design, haircuts, spa services, and food for at-risk, homeless Veterans and Shelters.  We look forward to building that inner voice in veterans, the underprivilidged, our clients, ourselves, and all that are open to growth.

"Homeless veterans don’t have the funds to get a haircut. When they get a haircut and change into a suit and see their transformation, they look into a mirror and think ‘I can be that person.’ It’s a self-confidence building tool."  -Pia Kanoy, Director of Veterans’ Employment Services at Inner Voice.

See Inner Voice's article: Gentleman's Cooperative Gives our Vets a Makeover



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