The Best Clients....

The best client's are our current clients. Fishing for clients via social media and ad buys can be extremely time consuming and burdensome tasks, if you do it right.  At Gentleman's Cooperative we see the opportunity cost in time, creative bandwidth and money in those mainstream endeavors, and we choose the ultimate service alternative to ensure our client's have the best possible holistic experience.  Investing too heavily in marketing projects can take resources from what matters most, our current client.  You won't find sponsored digital ads, click bait, or google ad words in our marketing plan, not today at least.  We have an old school mentality, independent of the next round of algorithm updates, viral videoing, or owning the hottest key words.

We are working on the lost art of service and client communication to grow our business through our relationships and a model of reciprocity.  In a world where things seem to overly commoditized, here at Gents Co-op we are focusing on the alternative approach of providing impeccable products and service while making everything an experience. One of our favorite non-core offerings as a business are valuable social connections.   As a valued member or client you might get a request for you and a friend to join us in a United Center Suite, an invitation to our quarterly member events, a Louis XIII tasting or an unexpected product surprise.  Whatever we present we will always have you as an individual in mind....think "custom".   Come see what it means to be a Gents Co-op client, we are here to earn your loyalty.  Book online or check out our events page.



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