Custom Suit Monograms


As a Custom Suit maker, something we take great pride in are the often overlooked but important details.   The small details add the perfect personal touch to the garment. Something that comes up frequently, are monograms on the interior of our jackets. The interior of the jacket is where our clients can let loose a little, and really make it their own in a number of ways:

Patched name or message Inside of Jacket :
99% of our clients want their name, the name of a loved one, or message inside of their jacket. We have the ability to have scripted or blocked writing printed onto a patch to be sewn inside of a client jacket. This adds a neat, personal touch to the jacket, while also taking up minimal space.  The patch also ensures the message doesn't blend into the interior lining.

Personal Signature Stitched on Lining of Jacket:

Adding a personal signature can really add a completely customized, personal feel to the interior of ones jacket. We can have this stitched in the color of your choice, and have it add some extra flair on top of the beautiful lining that was chosen. Having your own signature really makes the jacket your own, and is an amazing custom feature.
Logos & Stitched Images
Some who purchase a custom suit, want it to be a form of their personal brand. They want it to make a statement, and there are many ways to do that. Aside from signatures and name patches, we have the capacity to have a personal logo or an image stitched inside of the jacket as well. Whether it be a company logo, personal branding tool, or a meaningful image, being able to customize the interior with these images will ensure a custom garment that can emit any feeling you'd like.
We have the tools and the means to ensure the highest level of customizations. A custom suit should be able to tell a story, exterior or interior. Being able to add a meaningful touch, turns it into more than just a clothing item. We want to continue not only helping clients look amazing, but feel amazing too.
Come into Gentleman's Cooperative for your Chicago Custom Suit and professional clothing needs.  We will ensure you have a meaningful suit that lasts.


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