Louis Xiii at Penthouse 111

This was our biggest Louis Xiii tasting yet. Penthouse 111 had 40 of it's top client's join us for a tasting of the best Cognac in the world. Louis Xiii is aged 100 years and comprised of a blend of 1200 cognacs. The tasting Ceremony led by Julian Pardes, of Remy Martin, is educational, elegant … Continued

Dwayne Wade family event at Penthouse 111

Dwayne Wade's Sister, Tragil, not only experienced a surprise birthday but also a surprise proposal at her Chicago Sneaker ball !!!  She said "Yes." Check it out for yourself in the video below as Dwayne Wade and his family and friends celebrate his sister Tragil's Birthday and Engagement.  We look forward to another event with … Continued

Custom Suit Monograms

  As a Custom Suit maker, something we take great pride in are the often overlooked but important details.   The small details add the perfect personal touch to the garment. Something that comes up frequently, are monograms on the interior of our jackets. The interior of the jacket is where our clients can let loose … Continued

The Importance of an In-House Master Tailor

We have a lot of competition in our chicago based custom clothing business. In luxury custom suitings there are a few elements that allow a business to stand out:  Exceptional clothiers that deliver on clients’ preference and style instead of their own.  Brick and Mortar w/ luxury ambiance. Turn-around time.  Whether Made-to-Measure or bespoke: Cads … Continued

The Best Clients....

The best client's are our current clients. Fishing for clients via social media and ad buys can be extremely time consuming and burdensome tasks, if you do it right.  At Gentleman's Cooperative we see the opportunity cost in time, creative bandwidth and money in those mainstream endeavors, and we choose the ultimate service alternative to … Continued

Honoring our Vets

  Honoring our Vets...It all began with cake. When Aurelie, master Stylist at Gentleman's Cooperative, found 2 uncut and beautifully decorated cakes in the deep freeze from an event the night before at Gents Co-op, she demanded the cakes' donation to a local shelter.  With a quick google search Aurelie found The Inner Voice INC. … Continued

5 Year Anniversary member event

5 year anniversary is a beautiful thing to say. Humble Beginnings as Gentleman's Cooperative began as a pop-up chicago custom suit in the corner of a Luxury Chicago men's salon.  Equipped with a few trade show banners, a broken singer sewing machine and some fabric books, we were ready to dominate the Chicago fashion industry- … Continued



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