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Mike Berntsen

Co-Owner, Garments Manager, and Professional Clothier

I've lived both the corporate and entrepreneurial lives. After 10 years as a top performing account executive at Thomson Reuters, and with a love for presentation and entertainment, I decided it was time to be the purveyor of my own destiny. I started Gentleman's Cooperative to give men an uparallelled shopping experience and it's turned into a holistic image house with a passion for turning aesthetics and entertainment into ROI. Studies show how you present yourself matters.
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Chris Flores

Co-owner, Grooming Manager, and Master Barber

Barbering since I was a teenager, I realized at young age the importance of my craft. The confidence I was able to bring my clients along with great conversation and relationship building made me grow passionate about what I do. Today, as an established business owner I take tremendous pride in providing an the best experience in an amazing atmosphere.
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Lorna Susnjar

Director of Operations & Events

During my college years I studied Business Marketing at The University of Iowa. I've always had a love for fashion and knew it would be my calling after interning for a french designer in Paris. I have Continued to thrive in an artistic and social setting which has lead into an event role representing Gentleman's Cooperative Events and Penthouse 111.
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Gina Anderson

Marketing Advisor

Being a social butterfly who strikes up a conversation with anyone I come in contact with, I knew I wanted to go into a profession that would allow me to be the outgoing person I am. That's how I ended up studying Marketing at DePaul University in Chicago and from there led me to represent Gentleman's Cooperative and Penthouse 111. In my spare time I enjoy working out, playing with stranger's puppies (until I have one of my own) and traveling.


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Blake Alexander

Partner, Professional Clothier

I developed a strong love of fashion ever since I saw my first James Bond film at the age of eight. I've spent my life appreciating class and style, working hard and pursuing my dreams since the age of eleven. For years I have been welcoming and helping style those who are also looking to develop their own sense of fashion. Let's work together and build the brand of you.
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Tony Wright

Professional Clothier

I've been in the men's fashion industry for a decade now and have loved every minute! Being able to help someone find that perfectly tailored fit and seeing them try on the garment for the first time and love it; that's truly special, and I am honored to be a part of the process.
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Rich Moran

Professional Clothier
Director of Business Development

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Mousa Hazare

Master Tailor

My father and 4 brothers are all tailors, and I've lived the craft my entire life. I officially started tailoring at 8 years old, and it's an art I adore. I'm eternally grateful for my life and the blessing I've been provided. I look forward to ensuring the Fit and construction of your professional Garments.
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Alvaro Lepez

Shoe Specialist and Client Care


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Hair Stylist

I've been a stylist specializing in men's grooming for over a decade. I pride myself on giving a consistent cut and luxury service every time. optimizing a man's image so he can maximize his impact is incredibly fulfilling.
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Brenda Bahena

Master Stylist

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Daniel Dickson

Hair Stylist

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Lulu Roman

Hair Stylist

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Alba Adame



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